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Legal Access Plans provides members and their families access to a nationwide network of over 18,300 attorneys who have contracted with Legal Access Plans to provide free and discounted legal services.

This program provides initial face-to-face or phone consultations with licensed attorneys who will help analyze legal problems, suggest options and recommend a course of action. Network attorneys are specially selected, licensed in the state in which they practice and must comply with all rules and ethical codes in effect. They must meet Legal Access Plans’ strict credentialing and experience requirements.


You and your family will have access to a nationwide network of over 20,000 plan attorneys that have contracted with Legal Club to provide free and discounted legal services. Upon contacting our Member Service department, you will be referred to a plan attorney based on language, area of law and location.

Four Great Ways to Save:

1.      No-Cost Services

2.      Exclusive Flat Fee Services*

3.      Low Hourly Plan Rate Discount Services

4.      Discounted Contingency Fees

No Cost Basic Services Including:

·         Free Simple Will with free annual updates

·         Free Living Will substitution for Free Simple Will

·         One-on-one consultations for new legal matters for up to ½ hour

·         Unlimited phone consultations (up to ½ hour for each new legal matter)

·         Assistance in solving your problems with government programs

·         Helpful advice on representing yourself in small claims court

·         Attorney review of legal documents (six page maximum) per new matter

Exclusive Flat Fee Services:

·         Traffic Ticket Defense             $89.00

·         Bankruptcy Chapter 7              $750.00

·         Name Change                          $155.00

·         Will with Minor Trust               $170.00

·         Divorce (Simple)                      $210.00

Additional Assistance in other legal matters, such as:

·         Family Law

·         Consumer Contract Law

·         Government Matters

·         Personal Housing and Real Estate Matters

·         Estate Planning

·         Auto-Related Matters

·         Criminal Matters

*If your matter does not fit into the specific plan definitions for these matters, the special plan hourly rate will apply.

Legal Dependents under the age of 23 are covered under the Plan, while residing at home or away at school. The Plan also covers

the parents of both the member and the member’s spouse.

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