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  • Membership club services providing discounts and processing rebates for the services of others; 
  • Administration of a program for enabling participants to obtain discounts on products and services; 
  • Promoting the goods of others, namely, providing information regarding discounts, coupons, rebates, vouchers and special offers for the goods of others
  • Financial education designed to help our clients lower their taxes by owning a home-based business. 

Pay Yourself First was born out of the desire to help families increase their wealth and asset pool. Our leaders have over 50 years experience helping people. One of the biggest problems they found is the need to Pay Yourself First. They created Pay Yourself First to help the middle class American's increase the size of their wealth and asset pool by learning to Pay Themselves First.

What is a Wealth and Asset Pool?
Your wealth and asset pool is the amount of money you have left over after you have paid your expenses. The pool is created by your income and it is drained by your expenses. Some people call it a 'nest egg' but whatever you call it, your wealth and asset pool is absolutely vital to your well being and to your families well being.

Wealth and Asset Pool

How does it help to Pay Yourself First?

Our home-based business provides membership club services and discounts on retail and medical plans designed to help our clients save money. On top of that, our financial education helps people lower their taxes by owning a home-based business. 

Our passion is helping people save money. We have several plans to choose from to help you and your household save money. Use the menu above to learn more about each of our plans. 

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